I don’t usually shop at big name stores. San Francisco is filled with independent stores and thrift stores. And then there’s always Etsy. There’s just very little need to shop at a name brand place whether it’s for clothing or yarn. However, I am always intrigued about the crochet that’s being sold at big name places around the world. And one that really caught my eye recently was Pottery Barn’s crochet.

paper crochet pillow

In particular, I was drawn to the store’s Paper Crochet Pillow Covers depicted above. The website description for the product explains:

“To create the soft, strong fabric of our Paper Crochet pillow cover, strips of paper are tightly twisted and crocheted by hand using traditional techniques.”

It sounds interesting. You can crochet with nearly any material if you play around with it enough and get creative.

More about crochet with paper.

Nevertheless, I haven’t explored crocheting with paper myself and am curious about the quality and texture of these pillows. I might have to get myself to a Pottery Barn to check them out. The pillow covers come in two sizes, have an envelope closure and can be purchased alone or with a pillow insert in either down blend or synthetic material. The pillow covers alone start at $45 and the inserts are extra. As you might expect since these are made of paper crochet, the covers can only be spot cleaned.

pottery barn crochet pillow

There are other crochet items on the Pottery Barn website including crochet-trimmed sheets, a crocheted eyelet pillow cover and a cute crochet bobble sham (although I’m biased towards it since I’m in love with bobbles right now). Some of the items can be monogrammed to make them more personal even though they aren’t handmade by you. Here are some of those other items:

pottery barn crochet blanket pottery barn crochet pillows crochet hamper


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