One of my favorite crochet stitches is the Solomon’s knot. It’s a completely different experience to crochet this lacy open stitch than to do other types of crochet stitches. And it’s tough to make it really look good. I’ve seen it used most frequently on shawls but I’m not one for wearing shawls so I decided to make a scarf out of it instead. I’ll admit that I don’t wear this scarf often but I do like it’s decorative appeal and find occasion to wear it now and then. What do you think? Do you use Solomon’s Knots in your crochet – and if so, on what?


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  1. Christy, HOMEmomMADE Reply

    I love it! is this where you use your fingers instead of a hook? I’ll have to google it, thanks for liking up to Make & Share Today!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks so much! I used a hook to do this but I know you can actually use your fingers instead of hooks for many types of crochet and I would imagine the large loops on this one would make it easy.

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