The special Olympics USA Scarf Project is a really popular project for people who enjoy crocheting for a good cause. I’m actually participating in it myself, contributing one scarf to the Northern California part of the project. (The project has different deadlines and rules for different states, many of which have already passed for this year’s project although some are still open). But at least one woman has gone above and beyond the rest of us contributors by making at least 17 different scarves for the project.

Anne Isder lives in a small place called Isder, Minnesota. She was at her hairdresser’s in December when she saw a flier for the popular crochet for charity project. She wanted to contribute so she went to the store and bought her yarn and started working. She wanted to make as many scarves as she could before the deadline (for MN, it’s Feb. 11th). As of last week she had finished 16 scarves and was working on the 17th.

This is great because it’s a crochet for charity project but I think it’s great for another reason as well. The project requires that you use two specific colors (blue and turqua from Red Heart) in each scarf. It requires that you create scarves that are within certain basic scarf dimensions. Other than that, the scarf design is up to you. From the looks of it, Isder decided to do 17 different patterns so that each scarf would look a little bit different from the others. I think that’s a great challenge for any crocheter – to use the same yarn for the same basic project but make each item look different.

Did you contribute to the special Olympics project this year? How many scarves did you make?

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