I’ll admit that I’ve only ever seen one half of one episode about the Kardashian girls. I don’t follow the gossip about them. I don’t really care. But I keep seeing their names pop up when I’m looking for news and information about crochet and that does interest me!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the hot crochet swimsuits by Muscotica.com. Several celebrities were sporting these crochet wonders, including Kourtney Kardashian.

Then I saw a post in StyleBistro (which is where the above image comes from) about the various tops that Khloe Kardashian has been seen wearing recently. The one that caught my eye was a crochet top that she wore with a pair of jean shorts. I love the off the shoulder look, the casual beauty of this crochet design. It’s reportedly the Short Crochet Dolman Top by Vince – which doesn’t mean a lot to me but I adore the look.

What do you think of the fact that famous folks are being spotted wearing crochet these days?


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