Edun is the eco-minded fashion brand founded by Ali Hewson, the wife of Bono. Paris-based Irish fashion designer Sharon Wauchob showcased her second season collection for Edun recently at New York Fashion Week. Like many of the current fashions hitting the runways, the collection incorporated bits of crochet. However, unlike most of those other fashions, the styles seem less inspired by 1970’s styles than by modern international trends in design. One particularly interesting piece is described as a fringe crochet skirt paired with a second raw-edge leather skirt and topped off with a chunk sweater coat.

“Wauchob described backstage before the show how several visits to Kenya had helped her define a stronger personality for the label, with more colour and texture. This was immediately evident in the vivid blue, green and mustard based landscape prints in silk and cotton which, she said, were inspired by the colours of the houses and the wallpapers in the villages she visited outside Nairobi.” source

Other sources report that the line was inspired primarily by Romany / Gypsy culture. And still other sources explain that the collection is called “Storytellers and Liars” and is based on the idea that storytelling changes thorughout time, becoming a blended version of real life and fantasy and that this particular “story” is set in a “mysterious garden, full of nocturnal creatures”.

The article quoted above mentions that many of the crocheted items were handcrafted by a team of nuns called The Crochet Sisters. I’ve been trying to find additional information on them but nothing’s turned up so far. A Google search on the topic turns up a pair of teen entrepreneurs called The Crochet Sisters – very cool gals with a nice Etsy store but certainly not the nuns described in the article. provides a little bit of additional information, noting that a great black crochet skirt from the collection was made by “nuns in Africa”. This makes sense Edun is a fair trade organization supporting development in Africa. Anyone know anything about these crocheting nuns?


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