I’m a little bit delayed in getting this news out but still wanted to make a point of sharing it because I thought it was a cool bit of crochet fashion news. The London College of Fashion hosted their annual MA Fashion Design and Technology Show at the beginning of the month and the winner of the award for “collection of the year” was a designer who created a collection of crochet menswear.

Why this is cool:

  • Crochet is so hot in fashion right now. Everyone’s into it. Designers of all ages and levels are making this home-based craft into a big fashion statement. It’s a neat trend to see happening.
  • The crochet artist, Matteo Molinari, who won this award was a man. There are so few men who crochet in comparison to the number of women who crochet. I think it’s interesting when a man makes this part of his work.
  • The crochet collection of clothing that was created was menswear. Even when men do crochet for fashion lines, they typically crochet women’s clothes. It is really rare to see crochet menswear. For most people it brings back the recollections of those horrible 1970’s crochet men’s vests that women’s magazines suggested gals make for their men (the kind of stuff that would be seen on What Not To Crochet today!) However, Molinari’s crochet line was fashion-forward.

Molinari said that the inspiration for his collection was his Italian heritage. He liked the crochet lace that came from that background and notes that some of the work was even crafted with help from his family members. He was inspired by the traditional techniques of crochet but then used that inspiration to create a modern collection for men.

Crochet news source: TNT Magazine


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