something in the water crochet art project

There are so many different “crochet for charity” causes out there that we could all stay busy with our hooks all year long just working for charity. Yet another new one that has recently emerged onto the scene is a project called Something in the Water. Through this project you can crochet breasts out of plastic bags and raise awareness about the danger of plastics in our waters.

What do breasts have to do with water pollution? As the project description explains:

  • Plastic is one of the most dangerous ocean pollutants because of the fact that it takes so long to decompose.
  • Toxic chemicals in the water are absorbed into this plastic.
  • When it does decompose, it gets eaten up by small marine animals.
  • The small animals are eaten by larger animals, working their way up the food change.
  • These toxins eventually end up in our bodies, including in the breast milk that we give our babies.

So what’s what plastic pollution and breasts have to do with one another. In this project, crocheters can create their own plastic breasts following a pattern, with video, provided on the site linked to above. The breasts will be combined together to create a reef that floats at breast level. There will ultimately be an exhibition at the American Jewish Museum in Pittsburgh and all crochet participants will be recognized at the exhibit.

What you get out of participating in this crochet for charity project:

  • New skills in crocheting with recycled plastics
  • Getting to use up old plastic bags in a more eco-friendly way
  • Contributing to an earth-friendly cause

What are your opinions (positive or negative) about this crochet for charity project?


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