Today’s crochet book review is for a project book called Jackets, Wraps & More that was edited by Carol Alexander. It’s a book with some really modern crochet designs that I myself would be more than happy to wear.

Who this book is for

This book has a lot of projects that are easy-to-understand. A determined beginner would be able to do most of the projects. However I would say that it’s ideally for someone who has at least intermediate experience in crochet work. It’s obviously especially for people who are interested in crocheting jackets and wraps although there are other items in the book as well such as vest, purses and pins.

Book format

This crochet book has a really short introduction and then it jumps right into the projects. Just like the name suggests, there are three sections of projects: the jackets, the wraps and the “more” (all of the other projects in the book). In total there are almost fifty different projects in this book with ten jackets, ten wraps and the rest being “other”.

The format for each project is as follows:

  • A large photo of the project so you can see if it’s something that you want to make.
  • The project title (such as cut-away cardi) and the name of the person who designed the project.
  • A rating of 1-4 for how difficult the project is along with a word-based rating such as “intermediate”.
  • The size of the finished garment.
  • The materials that are needed for the project including how much of what type of yarn, the size of the hook and any extras that are required.
  • The gauge for the project.
  • Notes about the pattern. This is a really helpful section that says things like “weave in loose ends as work progresses” and “cardigan should be very close fitting”. This helps you make sure that you’re really doing the work right.
  • Any special stitches. For example, the cut away cardi requires a “net stitch” so there are instructions for how to do that stitch.
  • The row-by-row instructions for the project. They are well-organized and easy to understand. This is a good book for people who can follow most patterns. The row-by-row instructions may be divided

After all of the projects are done, there are some helpful additional pages in the book. There is a page of “general instructions” that tells you some stuff about gauge, hooks and symbols in your pattern designs. Then there is a stitch guide page that concisely tells you how to do different stitches and what the abbreviations for different stitches are. This is followed by a buyer’s guide for the yarn used in the patterns.

Favorite projects from this crochet book

The most interesting looking project in this book in my opinion is the Granny Square Dress and Jacket featured on the cover of the book (shown above). I’m a little intimidated by it, though, so I haven’t tried making it yet. I also like the Granny Square Shrink Vest:

And of course there was the Cut Away Cardi that I kept mentioning:

Additional notes

I like the review on Amazon that reads: “Wonderful designs from the venerable House of White Birches studio bring crochet into the 21st century. The book specializes in jackets and wraps, but there are purse and sweater designs as well. Patterns are clear and easy to read. I recommend it for those who miss crochet and want to make garments that are stylish and not clunky.”


Do you have any projects that intimidate you like the Granny Square Dress and Jacket in this crochet book intimidates me? What do you do to get over that feeling?


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  1. Mary Jane Hall Reply

    I have a design in this book. It’s the tan colored retro looking necklace and bracelet with brown wooden beads. Have you seen that?

    Mary Jane Hall

    • Kathryn Reply

      Awesome. There are so many terrific designs in this book that it was impossible to highlight all the great ones!

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