HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I hope that you’re experiencing love somewhere in your life today. If not, go let someone important know that you love them. Giving love begets it. My Valentine’s gift to my readers is a look at 15 examples of what people are crocheting for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

1. Heartfelt Bicycle Seat Cover. via CrochetMe.

2. Crochet Valentine’s Cupcakes. This was actually a Valentine’s Day giveaway from a couple of years ago but I just love it:

3. 3D Amirugami Hearts. Free pattern here.

4. Red Lace Shawl. From Etsy seller darina23.

5. Valentine Crochet Heart Garland. From Etsy seller BobbiLewin.

6. Valentine’s Hat. From Etsy seller KrissysWonders.

7. Pink Hearts Crochet Scarf. This is another one from darina23 who did the Red Lace Shawl above.

8. Crochet Pasties. These are made by Etsy seller SexOnAStitch. They come in several colors. For many people Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a sexy holiday. These would make a great start.

9. Red 3 Hearts Bookmark. A great choice from Etsy Seller MindAndHandsTogether.

10. Red Fishnet Fingerless Mittens. Featured on LaraCrafts Etsy Store.

11. Sexy Crochet Choker. By Etsy Seller LadyLamb.

12. Anatomical Heart Pillow. Crocheted anatomically correct hearts seem to be a hot item this Valentine’s Day. This pillow is by Sarah Louise Burns who crochets lots of anatomically correct body parts.

13. Crochet Box of Chocolates. The box of chocolates is one of the most classic Valentine’s Day gifts. I love these crocheted ones sourced from FlickerHiveMind:

14. Crochet Flower Bouquet. Much like chocolates, flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Here’s a cute crochet bouquet – pattern here:

15. Crochet Teddy Bear. Whether you’re getting a gift for a girlfriend or a child, a teddy bear is always a nice way to go. The pattern for this one is a beginner’s pattern.

What’s your favorite crochet Valentine’s Day item to make? To receive?


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