This information is from a newspaper in Jacksonville, North Carolina, which ran the piece in 2011 although it is no longer available online.

It was a profile on a woman in her late sixties who is known for her crochet work and other crafting. The article caught my eye because in it the woman claims that her good health can be attributed to crafting. I think this is an interesting idea and one that actually makes a lot of sense.

Update: Of course, since this time I’ve done extensive research into the topic, which I’ve shared in various places including my books Crochet Saved My Life and Hook to Heal.

The woman, Alice Smith, spends a few hours each day crafting. She settles down into her favorite comfy chair and crochets or does other needlework and crafts. She creates items to give to other people, often people in need in her community. She has also sold her items for charity, earning over $1000 for her church with just one sales day. She has gotten her seven grandchildren involved in crafting with her and is also willing to teach crochet and other crafts to community members at no charge.

She says that she’s been told by a nurse that her crochet and crafting is physically good for her.

“My doctor told me I was in good shape for 66. This one nurse said that it was good for my hands and it keeps my hands limber because of using a needle so much.”


I imagine that the approach she takes with crocheting and crafting daily also has other health and mental health benefits. She certainly says that it keeps away the boredom. It also must keep her creative, thinking about new ways to come up with different designs for her work. Additionally, crochet keeps her in touch with her community, providing a purpose in her life. That’s good for your mental health especially after retirement age!

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  1. I abolutely agree that handcrafts improve health. They provide a creative outlet; a sense of purpose; a connection to others; and an appreciation of color, texture and design… a form of art. I love it! She is amazing.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad that you’re impressed with this woman, too. :)

  2. I’m actually writing a research paper for one of my college courses on this topic! From what I’ve read so far, it seems like there are many health benefits that come from crafting. The main focuses I’ve seen have been the effect that crocheting has on depression, attention deficit disorders, arthritis, and the immune system. It’s been really interesting to read, and I hope that my research paper will do the topic justice.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Liz … It’s definitely an interesting topic. If you’ve never checked them out, Stitchlinks is a site that has a lot of info on this topic.

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