Over and over again I keep seeing fashion news reports about how crochet is all over the runway. Jean Paul Gaultier is not a man I would have expected to jump onto the trend. However, Style Bistro reports that his 2011 Spring Couture collection features crochet including the crochet shoes shown above.

I confess that I love these shoes. I’m not someone who goes out and buys designer brands or spends hundreds of dollars on shoes so they won’t be added to my closet. Nevertheless, I will admire them. They are sexy. They are fashionable. And paired with fishnet tights like this … WOW. I love them.

The idea of crochet shoes is something that is new for me. However, Gaultier isn’t the only one who has them this year. Absinthrill recently posted about a pair of $675 crochet clogs from Dolce and Gabbana that I don’t like at all (although they do match the absurdly priced crochet purse D&G recently put out):

I’m really curious about everyone’s opinion on the fact that crochet is being gobbled up and spit out by all of the name brand designers this season. Do you think this is good or bad or neither?


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