Last week The Daily Telegraph out of Australia ran an article about the upcoming swimsuit season mostly discussing the fact that the one-piece swimsuit is going to be in again this year. They noted that one of their local swimsuit designers, Lisa Maree, had really gotten lucky with a great new client that will bring her designs to the U.S. (and also take them to the U.K.) It caught my attention because her swimsuits are crocheted. Her crochet swimwear has been selling rapidly in her own area but she was still surprised to find out that wanted to be her client. This is an online luxury retailer that is accessible to people around the world so it presents a big opportunity to take her work to the next level.

Although the items are considered “luxury”, they actually have a really affordable price tag considered that the items are handmade crochet items that are exquisitely well done. Exact prices through the website aren’t clear as of yet but she generally sells her swimsuits for between $100 and $200 (often closer to the cheaper end of that range). These are really unique pieces that any woman would turn heads in. You can see one example in the image above but I’d encourage you to see both the winter and spring collections on the Lisa Maree website.

Original article: The Daily Telegraph

Photo is from Lisa Maree’s Facebook Page


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