The following quote is from Vickie Howell’s Pop Goes Crochet. It highlights how important crochet has been in fashion over the past several decades.

“If pop culture influences everything we do, that includes our craft. And historically, crochet has always reflected the times it lived in. In the ’20s, when excess reigned, small crocheted and beaded bags swung from the wrists of flappers who needed a little something to hold their lipsticks while they Charlestoned the night away. As times changed, so did the medium. World War II demanded a frugality in both living and stitching, so crocheters used their yarn sparingly in small projects like handkerchiefs and scarves. In the conservative ’50s, the prim and proper cardigan held center stage, but in the volatile ’60s we let it all hang out; the counterculture ruled and handicrafts were where it was at. Ponchos and airy crocheted vests were seen on the likes of Janis Joplin. Today’s crafters have taken it much further, using crochet n new, unexpected, and even subversive ways – in response to global warming, crocheters have created an entire coral reef from yarn; others proudly create crocheted cozies for their birth control devices. Getting the picture?”


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