20 Creative Things a Crocheter Can Do With Paper

I am a huge fan of mixed media crafts, as you might have noticed since many of the crochet artists I profile are really multimedia artists who sometimes use crochet in their work. Crochet is great because you can combine it with so many different mediums to make fascinating, fun, useful items. Today I thought I’d share some inspired ideas about ways to combine crochet with paper.

1. Crochet with Paper

newspaper yarn

This image comes from a Green Upgrader tutorial on how to spin newspaper yarn

The most obvious thing that a crocheter would do with paper is to cut it into long strips and crochet with it. The most common type of paper to turn into yarn is newspaper.

crochet newspaper poncho

This poncho was crocheted out of newspaper by fashion artist Ivano Vitali

In an interview with FreshStitches, paper yarn maker Paperphine shares that you can also make yarn out of Eastern handmade papers like the papers from Nepal.

crocheted paper

This beautiful necklace made by Paperphine is crocheted from paper

2. Use Crochet To Stitch Together Cards and Make a Dress

I don’t have the talent to do this but I bet some of you do!

crochet paper dress

This greeting card and crochet dress was made by artist Robyne Melia, found on @Craft

crochet cards dress

This dress was made from Uno Cards and crochet for a challenge on Craftster in 2007, via Naughty Secretary Club (@jenniferperkins)

3. Abstract Art: Paper Inside Crochet

Artist Kathy Ann White does a great job of explaining how crochet has frequently been a part of her art process.

crochet hemp art

This piece, by White, “is created with a base of crocheted paper wrapped wire. There is an added element of a cutout of digitally printed watercolor paper with hemp crocheted encasing the cutout.”

4. Crochet Edging Around Paper Art

You can crochet edging around just about any paper image and create a sort of frame that elevates the image to a new level of art.

crochet paper art

One Sheepish Girl shares a free crochet tutorial for making edging like this.

If you’re more of a video person, here’s a lesson from Lolly Chops on how to crochet edging around paper or fabric.

5. Add a Drawing to a Blanket

Creative Carmelina shares how she took a drawing that she’d done on paper, photographed it and then used an iron-on transfer to put it on fabric. She then started crocheting an edging around it which will eventually become a full blanket.

crochet drawing blanket

6. Make Cards More Personal

Crochet an edging around storebought cards to make your holiday mail more personal. Or you can add a crochet embellishment on the face of a card.

crochet cards

There is a tutorial for crochet Valentine cards at Thimbleanna

crochet heart card

Claudia’s Creations uses crochet thread to embellish a handmade paper card

7. Crochet a Cute Cozy for Your Notebook

Make any notebook or journal more unique with your crochet work!

crochet notebook

Crochet sushi mini-notebook by mohustore

8. Decorate a Paper Vase

You can make a papier mache vase or bowl and then use your crochet skills to decorate it. What a great item for a mantle or table center!

crochet paper vase

Etsy artist MixeDesign made this bowl from handmade paper and then trimmed it out with crochet wire and beads

9. Crochet Paperclips

Make yourself some crochet paperclips to hold your important papers together. Bills are so much more fun with a crochet clip on them!

crochet heart paperclips

Heart shaped crochet paper clips from Anzouya

10. Crochet Paper Bookmark

Just crochet edging around a small paper/ card design then poke a hole at the top and add some yarn or thread. This same idea can be used to make gift tags.

crochet paper bookmark

Etsy’s chezviolette makes cute paper crochet bookmarks like this one

11. Make Paper Beads and Combine with Crochet

how to make paper beads

This image comes from an Instructables tutorial on how to make paper beads

crochet paper beads

Etsy’s eclectickoi does really beautiful jewelry with crochet cotton chains and handmade paper beads

12. Mixed Media Art

There are tons and tons of ideas for adding both paper and crocheted items onto a background to make mixed media art. Your only limited by the edges of your imagination!

crochet embellishment

Etsy’s FayesAttic11 made these decorative wooden blocks that are embellished with crochet and pretty paper

13. Use Crochet when Scrapbooking

Crochet flowers, hearts and other symbols can be added to scrapbook paper pages for three dimensional pop.

crochet scrapbooking

Crochet and paper flowers from Laura Vegas

14. Paper + Crochet = Gift Wrap

crochet paper gift wrap 

Brown Paper and Doily Gift Wrap via @bleubirdvintage

crochet gift wrap

Crochet Gift Wrap via Needle Exchange knitting blog

15. Make Bunting

There’s crochet bunting and there’s paper bunting but you can get creative and combine them both into mixed media bunting.

crochet paper bunting

This crochet and paper bunting is from Lobster and Swan (via @Whipup)

doily bunting

See Vanessa Craft has a tutorial for making this bunting with crochet flowers and paper doilies

16. Crochet on Paper Plates

crochet paper plates

Love this idea from Villa Applezee, a Dutch craft blog.

17. Paper and Crochet Tray

scrapbook paper crochet tray

DIY By Design has a photo tutorial showing how she made a tray out of scrapbook paper and crochet

18. Crochet Over a Paper Lantern

crochet paper lantern

@eatpickles has a crochet pattern for this design

crochet doily lamp

The Gahan Girls blogger added doilies to a paper lantern in a cool way

19. Crochet Candle Coasters

I love the idea of crocheting around cards or other thick paper to make a set of coasters. However, wet glasses would quickly ruin those coasters so instead why not use the coasters underneath candles in small votive glasses?

crochet candle coasters

These crocheted edged hearts (a DIY tutorial over at Thrifty Fun) would make a cute candle coaster set

20. Write about crochet!

Keep an journal about your crochet work. Or write a letter to your yarn or crochet. Or use paper to draw out your crochet ideas.

How have you combined crochet and paper?

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