20 Stunning Examples of Stained Glass Inspired Crochet

Stained glass never fails to catch my eye no matter where it is so it’s no surprise that I’m captivated by these crochet patterns and crocheted products that were inspired by stained glass.

1. Cathedral Rose Window Afghan

cathedral rose window afghan

Cathedral Rose Window Afghan by Julene Watson, pattern sold through Ravelry

2. Stained Glass Crochet Jewelry

stained glass crochet jewelry

This set of crochet jewelry inspired by stained glass was designed by Susan Lowman and is published in Annie’s Jewelry to Crochet

3. Stained Glass Crochet Umbrella

stained glass crochet umbrella

This crochet umbrella by Babukatorium reminds me of stained glass.

4. Tardis Stained Glass

tardis crochet blanket

This crochet blanket sold on Etsy was inspired by two things: stained glass and TARDIS. Creative!

5. Stained Glass Crochet Coasters

stained glass crochet coastersStained Glass Crochet Coasters tutorial by @sherjenks

6. Stained Glass Crochet Scarf

stained glass crochet scarf

Melinda Miller sells this stained glass crochet scarf pattern through Ravelry

7. Stained Glass Window Afghan

stained glass crochet blanket

I adore this stained glass window crochet blanket pattern from Melody Macduffee

8. Felted Stained Glass Crochet Bag

felted stained glass crochet

LJDBags sells this felted crochet bag on Etsy. It reminds me of when you make “stained glass” with melted candy!

9. Stained Glass Snowflake

stained glass snowflake

This free crochet pattern is the outline of a stained glass snowflake; it would look great on top of colored fabric!

10. Large Stained Glass Crochet Blanket

stained glass crochet blanket

This crochet blanket afghan pattern is made up of large stained glass squares.

11. Stained Glass Ripple Crochet

stained glass ripple crochet

This stained glass crochet pattern is sold by SmoothFox

12. Stained Glass Roses Crochet Sweater

stained glass roses crochet sweater

Spotted this stained glass crochet sweater on Ravelry

13. Stained Glass Crochet Blanket

stained glass crochet blankets

What a beautiful stained glass crochet blanket over on Soul Pretty!

14. Stained Glass Crochet Pillow

stained glass crochet pillow

Flickr’s DaisyBeth says that this stained glass crochet pillow was inspired by the rose window in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.

15. Stained Glass Crochet Flower

stained glass crochet flower

This stained glass crochet flower blanket is being sold on Etsy.

16. Stained Glass Crochet Cuff

stained glass crochet cuff

This stained glass crochet cuff is sold by iceice on Etsy.

17. Stained Glass Crochet Afghan

stained glass crochet afghans

This is a late 1990s crochet pattern for a stained glass inspired blanket

18. Stained Glass Granny Blanket

stained glass granny square

This stained glass crochet blanket incorporates granny squares for an interesting pattern. It was published in 1-2-3 Crochet magazine.

19. Stained Glass Squares Blanket


I like the combination of colored squares and solid squares on this blanket over on Craftsy.

20. JulieAnny’s Stained Glass Afghan Square

stained glass crochet flower

This stained glass crochet square pattern is by Julie Yeager. The photo is by Ann Mills on Ravelry.

6 thoughts on “20 Stunning Examples of Stained Glass Inspired Crochet”

  1. I love the stained glass look too!  Looks like Examples 4 and 19 are both made using my pattern (20) actually.  And I crocheted Example 1 using Julene’s pattern with my color choices.  Thanks for the mention!  I’m working on a stained glass coat pattern right now – watch for it!  http://www.ravelry.com/designers/julie-yeager
    Julie Yeager

  2. Oh my goodness! My jaw was on the floor the whole way through this article!!!!! Every piece was absolutely stunning and creative and vibrant and colorful and inspiring and oh my goodness even though it’s just about midnight now I MUST GET OUT MY HOOKS AND CROCHET!!!!!! THANK YOU for putting together this list!!!! I am still just in awe of the work, the skill, and the creativeness behind all of these projects :)


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