15 Crochet Cacti for the Desert Lover at Heart

crochet cactus

Although I love San Francisco, there are things that I miss about my desert Tucson home. I miss the summer lightning storms and the way that the creosote smells like rain. I miss the bold sunsets. I miss the mountains that appear no matter where you look. Today I thought I’d give a nod to the desert with this roundup of 15 different examples of crochet cacti; some are patterns and others are finished art.

1. Stop Motion Animation Crochet Cactus

See more stop motion crochet

2. Micro Crochet Cactus Collection

crochet cactus miniatures

By Etsy’s MuffaMiniatures; see more tiny crochet here

3. Cacti Crochet Patterns

crochet cactus

@planetjune sells a set of eight crochet cacti collection patterns

4. Hyperbolic Crochet Cactus

crochet cactus hyperbolic

Science-Based Crochet Art from Margaret Wertheim of IFF

5. Kitty Cactus Crochet Pattern

crochet cat cactus

Cat cactus free crochet pattern from @ramenneedles

6. Icy Crochet Cactus Pattern

icy crochet cactus

Free crochet cactus pattern from @MazKwok

7. Prickly Pear Pattern

crochet prickly pear cactus

Prickly pear crochet cactus pattern sold on Etsy by BubblegumBelles

8. Crochet Cacti Art

crochet cactus art

Crochet cactus art by Shannon Gerard

9. Fun Crochet Cactus

crochet cactus

Like all of her other designs, Julie Adore has made this crochet cactus look like a fun character

10. Crochet and Knit Cacti Set

crochet cacti

crochet and knit cactus set by Sarah Goldschadt on Great.ly

11. 6 Cacti Collection (Pattern)

crochet cactus

Craftsy’s FavouriteToys sells the crochet patterns for this 6 cacti set

12. Colorful Crochet Cacti

crochet cacti

Colorful crochet cacti set spotted in Argentina by Tea and Crafting

13. Crochet Cactus with Sombrero (Pattern)

crochet cacti pattern

Melaucle34 offers this crochet cactus pattern as a free Ravelry download

14. Crochet Succulents

crochet succulent

Crochet succulent collection by Thais Veda via @apttherapy

15. Crochet Barrel Cactus Pattern

crochet cactus

Tiny crochet barrel cactus free pattern from La Casa de Crafts who also has a free crochet saguaro cactus pattern

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