14 Crochet Patterns for Motifs and Appliques

Crochet motifs can be made individually to use up scraps of yarn. An individual motif works well as an addition to gift wrap or as an appliqué on another crochet item such as a hat or dress. Sets of crochet motifs can be joined together to make larger items like blankets or strung together to make bunting that decorates your home. Appliques are intended to be sewn on to other items, whether crochet or not (think crochet patches on denim jeans) but can also be joined together to make bunting. So, have fun with these small crochet patterns, exploring their full potential with your own creative ideas!

crochet pineapple applique free pattern

Pineapple applique motif free crochet pattern from Rescued Paw Designs. This is such a cute crochet pattern, and I can think of so many different uses for it. I think it is great for bunting to use for decorating during spring and summertime parties. The bunting could consists of a bunch of crochet pineapples all strung together or pineapples combined with other motifs including flowers and other fruits. I can also see using attaching a single pineapple appliqué onto a straw hat or hemp purse for summer accessorizing!

crochet hexies pattern

2-in-1 crochet hexies pattern for sale from Spincushions, who explains, “The smaller hexies are joined with the zipper join with a high contrast colour while the larger hexies are edged with a round of surface crochet.  Both versions really highlight the hexagonal shape.”

crochet coffee mug coaster free pattern

Crochet coffee mug coasters free pattern from Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me. This highlights that the appliqué patterns you see throughout this post often make great crochet coaster patterns. And the reverse is true as well, these cute crochet coffee mugs could be bunting, appliqués or other decor.

crochet star pattern

T-shirt yarn crochet star free pattern from Crochet in Paternoster; use this star as the starting point for a variety of different winter-themed crochet ideas!

striped hot air balloon free crochet pattern

Striped hot air balloon free crochet appliqué pattern from Crochet Spot; what a cute little design!

crochet motif pattern

Crochet motif free pattern from Suz Place. This is a really great design for using up small bits of colorful yarn. A bunch of these together would make a beautiful blanket!

pumpkin applique free crochet pattern

Pumpkin Applique free crochet pattern from Rescued Paw Designs, a designer that obviously makes many great free designs including appliqués. The pumpkin is traditionally a fall pattern, but this could be adapted with different colors to look like a cherry or an apple for decorating throughout the year!

crochet music note applique patterns

Crochet music notes pattern set free from Moogly, who also released a set of crochet currency patterns. Tamara really does a great job of sharing full sets of appliqué patterns and should be a go-to when you’re looking for something along those lines.

crochet hexi pattern

Hexagon in the round free crochet pattern from Marie at Underground Crafter. It’s really great to know how to make a number of different motif shapes so that you always have something you can turn to when you’re designing your own pieces. This simple hexagon worked is one to bookmark.

crochet hexi free pattern

Popcorn hexagon free crochet motif pattern, also from Marie, which shows an advanced version of the basic hexagon using a more textured stitch. Beautiful. Great for blankets, scarves and more.

half daisy hexi

How to crochet a half daisy hexi via The 8th Gem. When you crochet projects that use motifs, you sometimes have to use half-versions to make the items turn out right in terms of shaping and draping. This beautiful example shows you how to take a classic daisy hexi and cut it in half. It’s also a cute little design on its own!

crochet star trivet free pattern

Crochet star trivet free pattern by Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home. You can crochet this as a trivet for the kitchen, of course, but you could also use it as a large motif pattern for different types of projects. For example, one large red star would look great on the back of a white t-shirt. A set of three stars might make great framed doily art!

crochet bear applique freepattern

Crochet bear appliqué free pattern from @crochetspot. This one is just cute. How could you resist.

crochet wall hanging tutorial free

Three triangles crochet wall hanging free pattern by The Lazy Hobbyhopper. Not only is this a cute design but it also shows you how to take the basic idea of a motif and turn it into bunting.

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