12 Fascinating Examples of Crochet Art Dolls and Figures

The one dozen crochet figures featured here are more than just dolls; they’re creative works of art!

crochet self portrait

Self-portrait in Yarn by Etsy’s BenjaminKrudwig

clay and crochet doll

Clay and crochet doll by knotbygranma

mixed media crochet art doll

Honey Dear, a mixed media doll with crochet by Bee Harris

amigurumi doll

The Other City shares a creative story behind this doll named Elyisum

art doll plant holder

An upcycled doll head and crocheted stones turned into a pot for an air plant by Etsy’s ee333

crochet dj doll

DJ Dylan by Ingrid Zambrano

crochet greek mythology

Craftelina crocheted these dolls inspired by Greek mythology

red hair crochet doll

BobilinaStudio makes many crochet dolls including this 3D protrait of an anonymous heroine

crochet nun pattern

Etsy’s melbangel sells the crochet pattern for this nun doll

crochet art dolls

Etsy’s prinzeli doesn’t just crochet dolls but crochets entire small scenes

mixed media crochet

olgaayala is a New York based artist who makes OOAK mixed media dolls that combine clay and crochet

upcycled doily doll

Upcycled doily doll sold on Etsy by PapernLace

1970s crochet art doll

Crochet art doll from 1970’s crochet artist Mona Mauri

What do you think makes a doll cross over the line into art?

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to me.  I only just started following your blog, and seeing my doll on here was a great surprise.  It quite made my day.  I really love your blog as well.  Now, I too am inspired to get back to work on a doll I just started!


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