12 Crochet Wedding Dresses for Those Summer Weddings

Summer is the time for weddings and I think crochet goes perfectly with all aspects of the wedding. I’ll be doing a variety of roundups in the coming weeks to show what I mean but I thought I should start with the centerpiece of any wedding: the bride’s wedding dress.

Here are twelve crochet wedding dresses to show you what I mean:

crochet wedding gown

I especially love this crochet wedding dress sold on Etsy by LecrochetArt. And I adore the matching crochet umbrella!

filet crochet wedding dress

Etsy’s LaCostureraShop is selling this one of a kind crochet wedding gown.

crochet wedding dress pattern

Check out this beautiful crochet wedding dress pattern that uses the crocodile stitch; it’s from BonitaPatterns on Etsy.

crochet wedding dress

The Yolanda is a wedding dress by Claire Pettibone. It is ivory crochet lace over platinum silk charmeuse. I love the back detail.

crochet wedding dress1

Pat White took this photo of a beautiful crocheted wedding dress that was on display at her local state fair.

crochet wedding dress3

Check out crochetkiva on Flickr to see a whole photo shoot featuring this crochet wedding dress.

vintage crochet wedding dress

Unforgettable Vintage Wedding Gowns found this great 1960’s crochet wedding dress.

irish crochet wedding dress

Irish Crochet Wedding Dress via Anthropology and Craft. Lace is a hallmark of many wedding dresses and Irish crochet lace is a great idea for creating a charmingly beautiful vintage-inspired romantic wedding dress.

fantasy crochet wedding dress

Instead of classic, you could go with a truly unique, fantasy-inspired wedding dress like this one from Etsy’s TranscendentBird which includes layers of freeform crochet  and upcycled linen.

short crochet wedding dress

Some people really like short crochet wedding dresses and I think that this one from Etsy’s Lopushka would be an excellent choice!

doily wedding dress

I already showed you this great wedding dress in my roundup of upcycled doily ideas but it’s worth sharing again!

doily wedding dress1

Etsy’s sacreddaisy sells vintage wedding gowns and this one is another great example of a doily wedding dress.

Do you think that a crochet wedding dress is a good idea? Why or why not?

11 thoughts on “12 Crochet Wedding Dresses for Those Summer Weddings”

  1. “‘crocodile stitch’ wedding dress” makes me think of 1. an ice cream waffle cone and 2. this song: http://youtu.be/GOrvrLqs-0M haha.

  2. I would love to get the pattern for the flared dress. The one where she is sitting on the ground. Do you sell the patterns?


  3. I connected with the title of this book because years ago I laid in the hospital for 2 months flat on my back and unable to get out of bed, trying to save and bring my son into the world. Everyday, I crocheted a blanket to console myself and everyday I would pull it apart and start anew the next day!!! Crocheting helped to ground me throughout this experience!!!


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