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I’m going to share a crazy true story with you about a stolen crochet item that made its way home after two and a half decades.


Eek! Gross! Crazy Crochet Hook Injuries

by Kathryn on September 26, 2011 · 19 comments

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There’s actually a medical code that is used by health professionals to note when an injury has been caused by crocheting. These injuries could be why.


Not that there’s anything funny about old women getting mugged but I would’ve loved to see the expression on the kid’s face when he opened up her bag and the only thing inside was crochet.

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Surely you have heard by now that the final U.S. space shuttle mission, Atlantis, has launched. But did you hear the news that there’s crochet artwork aboard that shuttle?!


What does crochet have to do with a legal case where a woman’s parental rights were terminated?