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I was just taking a look at my Pinterest board for alternative material crochet – things that have been crocheted with plarn, t-shirt yarn, VHS and other items.


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They are upcycled CDs that have colorful crochet mandalas over them and then are hung in strings. By Cristina Vasconcellos


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I recently showed you how to upcycle old fishnets into sexy armwarmers. What I didn’t mention then was that you can also easily use what’s leftover of the fishnets from that project as a base for crochet necklaces.


Small Rag Rug: 1st Try

by Kathryn on March 14, 2012 · 1 comment

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I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my first attempt at crocheting these into a large granny square inspired rug.

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Last week one of my 365 photos showed me wearing a pair of sexy fishnet armwarmers embellished with crochet. These photos show how they’re made.


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I made these upcycled wristwarmers awhile back using old fishnets and some pink crochet thread. I love the dramatic effect that they offer.


This week’s crochet artist feature is of Marion Macedo, an artist who is actually a fashion designer. She uses crochet techniques to stitch together unique mixed media clothing made from recycled materials.