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Post image for Lady Gaga’s Crocheted Cling Wrap Gown

I’m not sure how I failed to see this crocheted cling wrap dress that Lady Gaga wore last year but I’m sharing it now that I’ve spotted it!


Small Rag Rug: 1st Try

by Kathryn on March 14, 2012 · 1 comment

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Post image for Small Rag Rug: 1st Try

I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my first attempt at crocheting these into a large granny square inspired rug.

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Crochet Rag Rugs Popular Now with Artists

by Kathryn on January 11, 2012 · 1 comment

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People have been making crochet rag rugs for awhile. And recycled crochet is popular among mixed media artists. However lately there seems to be a specific trend towards the intersection of these two things with crochet rag rugs featured prominently among artists right now.

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Adrian Kershaw is a fine art artist who has recently gained some attention for the work she’s doing with recycled VHS tapes. This version of plarn is something that I’ve seen before but I think the artistic way that Kershaw is working with it is unique and interesting.


Today we celebrate eco-friendly crochet with an award given to the blog with the best recycled crochet info.


Today’s crochet on Etsy selection is this great bowl made from upcycled fabric. It’s by sosorosey.