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Did professional football player Rosey Grier really crochet in the 1970s? I’m not sure.


1990s Crochet Artist Bill Davenport

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Bill Davenport is a fascinating artist who works on one style of project for a period of time and then seems to switch gears to something else. Back in the 1990s he was making crochet art.


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Rosey Grier was a professional football player who was also known for publishing a book in the 1970s called Needlepoint for Men.


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I’ve mentioned Mark Dittrick before because he’s the author of a vintage crochet book I adore, Hard Crochet. I thought it would be fun to explore a little bit more about this designer for my series on 1970s crochet artists.


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Many men do crochet, and have for a long time, and quite a few are talented artists and designers in their own right. Here are 20.


Fashion designer Michael Kors recently shared a lot about his childhood in a series of interviews. One of those things was that Kors started his fashion business as a child crocheter.


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The men like Frank Lincoln Viner who practiced women’s crafts, like crochet, during the gender-changing times of the 1970s had something to teach us all!