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There’s currently a Kickstarter Project for a fair trade crochet company helping crafters in Cambodia. They’ve been doing fair trade knitting until now and recently decided to also launch a crochet section of their business.


Three things that I think are cool are coming together in one place: Kickstarter funding, fair trade crochet and LED light Frisbees.

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The video above is the most recent update I have to offer about my crochet art project Swaddle. In this video, I give a short update about where things stand with my kickstarter funding and provide some insight into one of the pieces in the project, a piece called 40 Variations on a Granny.


In order to make my crochet art project, Swaddle, a reality, I need to get 100 people to donate $20 each. Can you consider helping or spread the word? There are perks if you do!