Bicycle Crochet Inspiration for National Bike Month

crochet bike

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? Crochet and bicycling can go hand in hand. Of course, you probably shouldn’t crochet while you’re on the bike but you can definitely crochet for your bike. A bicycle decorated with one of a kind crochet is a beautiful, personalized work of art. Here are some photos of bicycle crochet to inspire you!

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15 More Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

crochet heart keychain

I recently published a post rounding up 20+ crochet heart patterns. But that was just the tip of the pattern iceberg so I thought I’d do a second crochet heart pattern post today. Hearts are great for Valentine’s Day decor, accessories and gifts but can also be used all throughout the year for bunting, appliqués and other items. Bookmark these if you envision making crochet hearts anytime this year!

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