9 Crochet Mandala Patterns by Marinke

crochet mandala tutorial

I had planned to resume my Link Love posts this week but to be honest the only blogs I’ve been reading this week are related to Wink of A Creative Being. As you may have seen, I posted earlier this week about the shock and fear I experienced when learning about her suicide. Then I launched #MandalasForMarinke in the hopes that we can generate some positivity out of this tragedy, support each other in a creative way, honor her amazing work, raise awareness about depression and create an outlet for the many feelings that crafters who knew her online are experiencing. So this week I’ll share links to her crochet mandala patterns in place of the usual Link Love.

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15+ Crochet Patterns for Animals

crochet dog cowl

I have a lot of animals in my life. I volunteer with a friend’s dog doing animal-assisted therapy. I petsit for a few other dogs and cats. My brother runs a dog hiking business in Los Angeles, my mother works at an animal rescue in Tucson. So it’s probably no surprise that I always take notice of crochet patterns designed for pets and other animals.

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