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Post image for Help Kickstart Some Fair Trade Crochet in Cambodia

There’s currently a Kickstarter Project for a fair trade crochet company helping crafters in Cambodia. They’ve been doing fair trade knitting until now and recently decided to also launch a crochet section of their business.


Post image for The Simple Beauty of Contrasts: Nyoki Handmade Crochet

What I loved immediately about Nyoki Handmade was the simple beauty of the work, which you can tell is crafted with care but not overworked.


Post image for Artisan Crochet from Hearts

Crochet from Hearts, which works with 2000 artisans around the world to promote eco-friendly, sustainable products and support freedom and human rights around the world.

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Post image for New Harmony Collection from Same Sky Fair Trade Crochet

I know I just mentioned Same Sky the other day but I have to share about them once more already because I’m loving their new Harmony Collection that I just learned about from the newsletter that landed in my inbox from them.


Post image for Yellow Label Toys: Fair Trade Crochet

This weekend I spotted crochet in a toy shop that I was in. I looked it up to find out it’s a fair trade label I hadn’t heard of yet.

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Post image for New Limited Edition Bracelet from Same Sky (Fair Trade Crochet)

I love seeing these different crochet jewelry techniques used in a luxury-style item that looks so different from what people normally think of as crochet.

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Post image for Same Sky Fair Trade Crochet in Action

I have written a lot about fair trade crochet, including highlighting the work of Same Sky. Here’s what it’s all about.