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Post image for Etsy Crochet Treasury: Celebrate Springtime!

Springtime is a wonderful time of year. It’s light and happy and airy and hopeful and colorful. Let’s see what crocheters are making to get ready for spring.


Post image for Etsy Treasury: Crochet for Every Room in the House

If you crochet for long enough then you’re going to end up making something for every room in your house. Here are some ideas!

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Post image for Etsy Treasury: Blue + Grey in Crochet

I’ve been drawn to this color combination (with teal/ stone grey being my very fave combo). Let’s see it in crochet!

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Post image for Crochet Treasury Celebrating the Puff Stitch

There seems to be a trend among crocheters right now celebrating the puff stitch. I wanted to put together a treasury that visually displays why the puff stitch looks so smart!


Etsy Treasury: Crochet + Words

by Kathryn on February 6, 2012 · 0 comments

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I’m in heaven when they come together in crocheted language pieces. Let’s look at some crochet letters, crocheted phrases and crochet with words in other materials.


The apple is the quintessential American fruit (an apple a day, apple pie …). And Apple is an amazing innovative company. Crochet is also classic but can be cutting edge. Here are crochet apples and Apples.


Etsy Treasury for Tapestry Crochet

by Kathryn on October 10, 2011 · 2 comments

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I am having fun learning how to use Etsy treasuries to cull together some of my favorite Etsy makers’ crochet items in a theme. This week’s theme is tapestry crochet, also known as mosaic crochet or jacquard crochet. I am most impressed by the crochet artists who can create really cool portraits and pictures using tapestry crochet but I also like the way that this technique is used to create great colorwork and patterns for accessories.