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Etsy Crocheter Interview: KAIJ

by Kathryn on October 13, 2011 · 3 comments

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There are a lot of crochet fascinators and we all know that I’m all about the crochet. So when Kai got in touch with me recently and pointed me to what’s going on at her Etsy store, I was excited and quick to ask her if she’d be willing to do an interview. She was and here it is!


As soon as I popped on over to the store, called crocheTime, I fell in love with the gorgeous, colorful, pop-feeling clocks that she makes. I was going to post one on the blog immediately as that days “crochet on Etsy” pick but then I thought, “actually, I really want to know more about these!) so I interviewed Natasja.


I have featured the work of TrendyKnitting here on the blog before in my Etsy Crochet daily feature. Now I get the chance to do an interview. Awesome!


I was thrilled to get to interview Nerd JERK, who is not only a cool San Francisco gal but actually one of those rare natives of this great place. She is a video game loving crocheter who celebrates geeky things when she’s not taking care of her grandmother and being a crafty superhero.


Etsy crocheter Rhymit shares some insight into the benefits of crochet as a child as well as for adults in this exclusive interview.

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BobiCreations sells a variety of crafts including really great crochet coasters and hats. She dropped by the blog for a terrific interview!


JacquiJCrochet shares a great interview about her experience designing crochet patterns for sale on Etsy.