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I recently heard from a woman named Patricia who had read some of these stories on my site. She wanted to share that her mother is one of those awesome women.


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I was touched by the story of 83-year-old Donna Harrison who crochets award-winning afghans as she copes with both blindness and breast cancer.


Ask Bob Roskamp how often he crochets and he’ll tell you that he’s got a hook in hand every time he sits down. The 82-year-old guy is a constant crocheter who donates blankets to charity.

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Blondell Beauford is a 90-y/o woman who does crochet in her spare time but probably doesn’t have tons of spare time since this woman is still working as the employee of a salon!

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Robina Parks is a 92-year-old woman who is on the Queen’s 2012 New Year Honours. This means she will receive an MBE, an order of chivalry award, which she is getting in part for her generous crochet work.


All throughout the year I’ve collected true stories of awesome old women who crochet. This 50-page booklet shares 34 of those stories to celebrate the coolest old ladies of 2011.


2011 isn’t over quite yet and there are still new news reports coming out every day about great old women who crochet and have other stories to tell as well.

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