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Post image for Roundup of Wedding Crochet Posts for DIY Summer Brides

In case you missed them the first time around, here is a roundup of inspiring crochet wedding posts for DIY brides


Post image for Tutorial for Easy Crochet Wedding Table Centerpiece

Simple tutorial for taking David Tutera bridal products and personalizing with crochet to create a wedding table centerpiece for your DIY crochet wedding.


Post image for 15 Crochet Wedding Favors to Give Your DIY Wedding Guests

Wedding favors can be a costly part of the wedding if you aren’t careful so it’s terrific if you crochet them yourself and save that cost.


Post image for The 12 Best Crochet Cake Toppers for Your DIY Wedding Cake

We’ve looked at crochet wedding dresses and crochet bridal veils. Now let’s look at some crochet inspiration to go on top of any amazing wedding cake.


Last week we looked at crochet wedding dresses. Weren’t they beautiful? But wedding dresses aren’t the only thing that can be crocheted at a wedding. Here are 20 more ideas for items that can be crocheted for a wedding.


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