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I love the technique. It’s beautiful and it’s a lot easier than I originally expected. So I’ve got a new broomstick lace crochet make to share.


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The world of crochet is a world of never-ending options for those who want to delve into all of the many different advanced crochet techniques that are available!


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Some people always swatch for gauge before starting a crochet project. Many of us don’t. Here is a look at all of the reasons why from both sides of the fence.


I might want to produce the results but I don’t enjoy the process so I won’t say never, because you never know, but right now here are five super awesome crochet techniques that I adore looking at and probably won’t ever do myself.


Earlier this week I did a book review of the great crochet finishing techniques book by Betty Barnden. As I mentioned then, this book starts off with Barnden’s “10 Golden Rules for a Great Finish”. They’re smart instructions so I thought I’d share what they are here.

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So here’s a curious question for all of you crochet-ers out there. How do you feel about the thought of tying knots into your work?


25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

by Kathryn on May 26, 2011 · 22 comments

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Continuing on with the series, here is a list of 25 crochet techniques to learn to help jumpstart your crochet creativity