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Today I’m highlighting ten of the crochet scarves pinned to my Pinterest Crochet Scarves board.


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I spent the past 30 days crocheting through the new Crochet Scarves book by Sharon Silverman. I kept a diary the entire time, adding entries every day. Here is that diary for you to be a crochet voyeur …


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These scarves were made using crochet patterns from Sharon Silverman’s new book, Crochet Scarves: Fabulous Fashions, Various Techniques.


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I just wanted to post a quick note to let you all know, if you don’t already, that Sharon Silverman’s new book is currently on its blog tour.


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Earlier today I showed you some options for matching different colored crochet scarves to a yellow dress. But scarves aren’t the only crochet choice for styling a yellow dress. Here are some other options.


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I recently found the loveliest 1970′s yellow halter dress in a thrift store in The Haight. I’m adoring it and want to wear it pretty much every day because it makes me feel sunny and bright.


100 Unique Crochet Scarves

by Kathryn on March 1, 2012 · 16 comments

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Here are ten unique crochet scarves from ten different categories for a total of 100 unique crochet scarves.