2011 Awesome Crochet Blogs: Best Podcast

It’s the season of giving so I’m spending the month giving out an award per day to a terrific crochet blogger. I choose each blogger for a specific reason, reflected in the name of their award. Learn more about this project here. Congratulations to today’s award recipient: Kelly from Shorty’s Sutures You have received this award for: Best Crochet Podcast This award choice was a no-brainer for me because Shorty’s Sutures is the only crochet podcast that I always listen to whereas I drop in on other crochet / yarn podcasts only know and then. I love Kelly’s super personable tone. I love the variety of information that she shares in her podcasts including what she’s listening to and reading, yarn she’s loving and more. I also love that her blog posts share not only the audio of the podcast but also a roundup of what’s in the podcast including links to what she’s talked about. Very organized and fun. And she does also have other types of crochet posts on her blog, too. Great work Kelly! Winners are welcome to snag the above image to share on their blog with a link back to this post. Alternatively, they can grab the sidebar button using the code beneath the button in the sidebar to the right of this post.