2014 Featured Instagrammer: Oakherder

oakherder crochet shell

In addition to the daily December posts for my Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards, I’ll be doing daily posts sharing some of the featured Instagrammers of the year. They’ve all been previously featured in various groups posts throughout 2014 but this month each gets her own post showing off all that she’s shared with us this year. Today its oakherder.

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2014 Featured Instagrammer: ValerieBurns


Today’s featured Instagrammer is woolyana. She shares lots of beautiful crochet work, mostly motif-based work and usually with a lot of great color. Her lovely tagline on Instagram reads, “I may be found in the woods crocheting, laughing, reading, tending kids, cooking, writing, learning to knit, and day dreaming.”

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2014 Featured Instagrammer: Sweet_Sharna_Makes

sweet_sharna_makes crochet blanket collage

Today’s featured crochet instagrammer is sweet_sharna_makes. I’ve just fallen in love with everything that she makes and shares. She uses a variety of lovely color combinations to make great work, especially motif-based crochet work. I especially love the wearables that she makes but she also makes a lot of cute crochet cushions and other things. Her Instagram feed is crochet-rich but also features some other crafty things and life snippets.

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2014 Featured Instagrammer: StephanieDavies

stephaniedavies crochet squares 2

Today’s featured Instagrammer is stephaniedavies. Her IG bio tells us that she is a “Christian, wife, mom, photographer, crochet-nut, artist, friend, daughter, sister, mountain biker, horse rider, social media addict.” You can learn even more about her and her lovely family over on her blog, A Bag Full of Crochet.

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2014 Featured Instagrammer: RicePuddingBaby


Anne, who is based in Brisbane, shares “crocheting is my ultimate passion and all my work is just infused with my love of yarn and my craft.” Her Instagram has the occasional photo of a pet or a nature shot but is primarily filled with image after image of lovely crochet crafting. A great one to follow.

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2014 Featured Instagrammer: MissMotherHook


Today’s featured Instagrammer is missmotherhook. She shares in her IG bio: “I’m a Yorkshire Girl, Mummy to a 4 year old, who adores crochet and being creative. I take orders to make and I thrive on finding some squishy yarn.” What I love most about the crochet that she shares on Instagram is the rich combination of colors and patterns.

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