Stitch N Pitch – Perfect Spring Crochet Event!

We’ve all heard of the Stitch n Bitch, when a group of people get together to crochet (or knit) and converse. But have you ever heard of a Stitch n Pitch? It’s a new event that is being held this year during baseball season and I think it’s a genius idea. So what is a Stitch n Pitch? As the name suggests, this is an event that combines needlework and baseball. It’s a themed baseball game that is designed specifically to attract crocheters and other needleworkers who want to work on their craft while they watch baseball. Why do a Stitch n Pitch? The main reason is the same reason that you do a Stitch n Bitch, so that you can work on your craft in the company of other people who also love it. However there are some other cool reasons to participate in a Stitch n Pitch: It combines two of America’s biggest pastimes – needleworks and baseball. Cool! Baseball is a looooong game. It’s a lot of fun to watch live but there are also dull periods and what better way to spend them than on your crochet? It melds the feminine and the masculine. Of course there will be some male needleworkers and some women working who truly love baseball but for the most part it’s an opportunity to bring together these two somewhat disparate groups so that they can have a good time together and learn from each other about their respective hobbies. When and where? The Journal Gazette out of Indiana reports that there will be a Stitch n Pitch there on the afternoon of May 15th. It’s a program of the National NeedleArts Association that is taking place during a minor league baseball game. It costs $15 to get a seat in a section of 300 seats that are reserved for needleworkers. The $15 gets you the seat, a hot dog, chips, soda and a gift bag of items that include an issue of Crochet! magazine. Very cool. I wish I was in Indiana! Have you ever heard of a Stitch n Pitch? Would you participate in one if it was available in your area? I would!!