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Loose Ends (Crochet as Metaphor)

by Kathryn on February 7, 2013 · 2 comments

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You know what I’ve noticed over time? I’ve noticed that whatever is happening in my crochet work reflects what seems to be happening in my life.


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How do you refer to your crochet work when talking to others? Do you call yourself a crocheter, an artist, a fiber artist, a crafter, a maker, a creator, a small business owner … or something else?


I think a good discussion for today has to do with when you should offer your crochet knowledge, experience and skills for free and when you should be paid for it.


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Friday’s open discussion is all about … what do you think of using the word “domestic” to talk about crafts like crochet and sewing and baking?

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Let’s talk about the project launched by knitting author Donna Druchunas to bombard local politicians with a knit/ crochet message.

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For this week’s open crochet discussion, I want to poke at a touchy subject but one that I think is really important to consider in today’s craft-driven web-driven society. That’s the issue of copyright.


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Let’s talk about Pinterest!! I’ve heard some good things, some bad things and some areas of concern … I want to know what you think …