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Dina Knapp (possibly previously Dina Schwartz) was a 1970s wearable art crocheter who did unique work with texture, tapestry and color. She continues to work in crochet as well as collage art today.


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Lannie Hart is a modern sculptor who has worked with a variety of mixed media including crochet. I believe she was previously called Lannie Martowe.


I thought for this week I’d do a short roundup from previous posts to highlight five artists who were doing creative things with crochet in the 1970s and are still making art today.


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Janet Lipkin was a major leader in the first wave of artwear, creating richly sculptural garments that she made from wool she dyed with vegetable dye.


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Jean Williams Cacicedo learned to crochet in the late 1960s and quickly began to make wearable art that was clearly influenced by a background in sculpture and painting.


Rtuh Nivola studied art and craft in several schools in Rome and put her knowledge to use making amazing crochetjewelry.

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Sharron Hedges was another prolific crochet designer in the 1970s. She was a leader in the wearable art movement of that era and she continues to work in wearable art to this day, although where she’s really made her mark in recent years is in the development of stunning prints for use in wearable as well as paper goods and home decor items.