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Post image for Meet Nessa! Crocheting through MS-Related Depression

Today I thought I’d share an excerpt from Crochet Saved My Life. This is Nessa’s story; she’s one of the amazing women who hook to heal.


Post image for Crochet Heals Because It Gets You Out of Your Head

Break that cycle of rumination! Use crochet to get out of your own head.


Post image for Causes of Depression in People Who Were Helped by Crochet

There are many different things that can cause a bout of depression. Here are some of those things that triggered people who were ultimately helped by crochet.


Post image for One Crafter’s View: 5 Benefits of Crochet for Depression

Tami articulated her own struggle as she was going through a really tough time. Here are five things she said about how crochet was helping.


Post image for Crochet Eases Tears In Difficult Time (true story)

Terry shares her story about how crocheting has helped her through a really difficult time in life.

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Post image for Crochet Helps with 3 Phases of Bipolar Disorder: Depression, Hypomania, Mania

There are people who use crochet to help them deal with both the depression and the mania of bipolar disorder. It can be used to moderate moods and may be part of a solid treatment plan.