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This beautiful blanket lives in the home of one of the pets that I watch. It’s gorgeous crochet work and I just had to get some detailed shots of it. It comes from Garnet Hill. Garnet Hill Crochet Blanket


I started and shared this large granny square crochet blanket awhile back but I recently enlarged it and added the edging to complete it.


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I’ve made a number of different large granny square crochet blankets. First I make a really large square, almost the width that I want the finished item to be (but not quite).


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My mom makes these beautiful checkerboard crochet blankets and was kind enough to create this one to gift to baby. I love it.


Everyone Loves Crochet!

by Kathryn on January 29, 2013 · 3 comments

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“What … you mean your granny square blanket made of amazing silk bamboo yarn wasn’t meant for me?!”


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Is there a baby or two in your life that needs a crochet blanket? Any one of these 15 popular free crochet baby blanket patterns will help you out!


Crochet Monkey Blanket Pattern

by Kathryn on November 7, 2012 · 3 comments

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Every once in awhile I see a crochet pattern that is just so cute that I have to pass it along. That’s what happened when I saw the crochet monkey blanket pattern for sale through Craftsy.