30% Off Craftsy Crochet Kits + 5 Top Patterns

Crochet Kits

Craftsy is a great resource for all sorts of things – aulas de crochê, fio, padrões … They also have a great selection of crochet kits in their online store. If you’re looking for a new pattern and you’ll need the yarn to make it, this is a great resource to consider. They often have discounts on their crochet kits.

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Crochet Coat Hanger Covers: Padrões e inspiração

stelcrochet crochet hangers

I realized that all of my clothes hangers are different from one another and look messy as a result. One idea is to crochet vintage-inspired coat hanger covers for all of them; they would be unique from each other but still cohesive. So I’ve been looking at different coat hanger crochet patterns and photos for inspiration. Aqui estão alguns:

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Annie’s Signature Designs Autumn Bliss Collection Launches Today

annie autumn bliss collection shawl

Back in the spring, when I interviewed designer Lena Skvagerson about the Annie’s Signature Summer Love Collection of knit and crochet patterns, I asked her if there would be future seasons to come. Ela respondeu, “We are hoping the first collection is welcomed by our customers, and with our full hopes in this, we are right now in the first phase of planning a follow up fall collection.And here we are, headed into fall, with a brand new collection launching today: The Autumn Bliss Collection.

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How to Crochet Feathers including Peacock Feather Patterns

feather crochet pattern with embroidery

We have been looking recently at crochet dream catchers. When you make a dreamcatcher, you often incorporate feathers into the design, particularly into the tassels that hang from the bottom of the piece. It is always fun to make a mixed media piece, but it might be even more fun to crochet your own feathers to add to your dream catcher. These crochet feather patterns and tutorials can guide you.

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Amazing Recent Things in Crochet including 20+ New Patterns

link love crochet

I miss doing the weekly roundup of Link Love shares, featuring all of the awesome things people are sharing and making in crochet, which I had to cut out of the blog because of how time consuming they are. De vez em um tempo, I get an awesome sponsor who helps me bring an edition back, which is how this post comes to you today. A huge thanks to American Yarns for bringing us this post.

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