50 Fabulously Inspiring Things in Crochet

mini granny heart free crochet pattern

When I reach enough support through Patreon I’ll be able to resume the regular link love roundups including links to all of the fabulous crochet patterns that people are posting around the web. Entretanto, as a thanks to the people already supporting me through Patreon, I wanted to do a single roundup showcasing the 50 best things in crochet I saw around the web this month!

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New Rewards for Crochet Concupiscence Patreons

crochet concupiscence patreon

As many of you know, I’m requesting support through Patreon to keep this blog alive and active. Yesterday I shared some new milestones and today I wanted to let you know that I’ve also added new rewards. You can get lots of new things from CC when you support through Patreon

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Inspiring Crochet Patterns, Intriguing Crochet Art and More from the Community

crochet link love

It’s time for this week’s crochet link love, celebrating all of the inspiring beauty that this crafty community is capable of creating in just one week’s time. You’ll find more than twenty new crochet patterns this week, including great crochet heart patterns for Valentine’s Day, along with some interesting crochet history, world record breaking crochet news and more.

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