Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Body Through Journaling


This is a guest post by Mari McCarthy who has written a book called Journaling Power: How To Create the Happy, Healthy, Life You Want to Live. Embora não específica de crochet, it relates to many of the issues I care about in terms of using creative self-expression to heal yourself and improve your life. In my book, Gancho para curar, I share tips for keeping a crochet journal and exploringyarn for thoughtquestions that are an aspect of journaling to heal. This dovetails nicely with what Mari shares here today.

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Share Your Crochet Story! Accepting New Interviews.


I had a backlog of crochet interviews for the longest time that I have finally almost completed. It is very important to me to give each interview my complete attention, even if that means it takes awhile to get it published. I firmly believe each story is important and that there is value in sharing it. And I’m ready to share more!

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Mandala de crochê da Monique + Meditação mandala

monique crochet mandala

Mandala de crochê floral lindo de hoje para as Mandalas para Marinke projeto vem da Monique Lubberink de Mindfulness fácil agora, que é um one-mulher-negócios na Nova Zelândia, através do qual ela dá formação de mindfulness, habilidades paternais de mindfulness, oficinas, etc. Anteriormente trabalhou na Holanda como um psicólogo para adultos com TDAH e / ou transtornos do espectro do autismo.

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