20+ Perfectly Pretty Crochet Shawl Patterns

crochet hat and shawl pattern

Crochet shawls are generally large projects, so they can be really meditative and satisfying to work on and are a great way to reduce your stash if you have a lot of yarn to use up. Not sure what kind of shawl you want to crochet? Here are more than twenty crochet shawl patterns to inspire you!

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35+ Cozy and Comfy Crochet Blanket Patterns

crochet squares blanket pattern

Every year I make at least one crochet blanket, usually more than one. I have more blankets around this house than I knew what to do withuntil I got Rescue Pup Katara who loves sleeping on them. Now I have an excuse to make even more of them so I’m looking at crochet afghan patterns again. Here are more than three dozen crochet blanket patterns.

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40+ Adorably Fun Crochet Patterns for Babies and Kids

crochet fox hood

There are so many good reasons to crochet for babies and children. The designs are adorable. They don’t use up as much yarn as adult-sized crochet projects. They can be gifted to your own children, to friends or even to charities that help children in need. And it’s just fun! Aqui estão mais de 40 crochet patterns for babies and kids to inspire you!

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