Summer Relaxation: Beautiful Crochet Swimsuit Videos by Anna Mykhailovych

crocheted swimsuit by GoaFreedom

Anna Mykhailovych is a Russian crochet designer living in Bali. She makes beautiful crochet swimsuits as well as summer dresses with crochet tops under the brand name Goa Freedom. I love the creative, inspiring videos made to let us see the designs in 360 vista. These videos offer a glimpse of summer relaxation.

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2016 em crochê: Creative Exercises

It has been such a fun week or so getting re-inspired by all things crochet in 2016. We’ve reviewed crochet art, livros, designers, moda, saúde, Notícias, padrões, Dicas e tutoriais. Now let’s look back at the creativity exercises I published this year, mostly as part of my Hook to Heal book.

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Crochet Coat Hanger Covers: Padrões e inspiração

I realized that all of my clothes hangers are different from one another and look messy as a result. One idea is to crochet vintage-inspired coat hanger covers for all of them; they would be unique from each other but still cohesive. So I’ve been looking at different coat hanger crochet patterns and photos for inspiration. Aqui estão alguns:

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