How Make Your Own Ideabook Works for Crocheters (Crochet Art Journals)

Make Your Own Ideabook

I am enjoying a lot of inspiring ideas from the book Make Your Own Ideabook with Arne & Carlos: Create Handmade Art Journals and Bound Keepsakes to Store Inspiration and Memories. The book isn’t really about crochet, although it mentions crochet and knitting, but it can be a great tool for people who crochet and just looking through is giving me even more ideas about my own crochet art journalling.

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30 Stunning Examples of Upcycled Crochet

upcycled crochet doily hoodie

Recently we took a look at 15 ways to upcycle a crochet blanket into wearable fiber art. But blankets are not the only thing you can upcycle into mixed media fashion (as we’ve seen previously with doily dresses). Aqui estão 30 deslumbrante, inspiring examples of upcycled crochet fashion.

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7 Upcycling Ideas Using Mixed Media / Técnica mista de crochê

t-shirt dress crochet tutorial

Use your crochet skills to turn any ordinary object into a work of art. You can upcycle many things with crochet. And you can add crochet to a variety of other materials to create items that are both beautiful and functional. Here are new ideas for upcycling with crochet and incorporating crochet into mixed media.

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19 Projects Showcasing Plarn, Tarn and Other Alternative Material Crochet

plarn gift bag flower pattern

There are so many different items that you can use to crochet other than the traditional yarn and thread. Alternative material crochet includes crocheting with plastic bag yarn, fio de t-shirt, jute twine and more. Aqui estão 19 terrific crochet projects that showcase the beauty and versatility of alternative material crochet.

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15+ Lâmpadas de Crochet deslumbrante para alegrar sua casa

crochet lampshade tutorial

Ontem eu compartilhei meu abajur de fio de crochê YoolaDesign. Lembrou-me isso de volta 2012 Eu fiz um ajuntamento de lâmpadas de crochê e tenho andado a fazer um ajuntamento fresco durante o ano inteiro. Bem, Esse ajuntamento é aqui. Você vai encontrar padrões de lâmpada de crochê, tutoriais e fotos inspiradoras aqui para inspirar sua própria elaboração!

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