Crochet de conto de fadas: Amigurumi Storybook Characters and Their Tales

fairytale crochet book

Fairytale Crochet is a lovely amigurumi craft book by Louise Tyler that celebrates the classic fairy tales that all of us are familiar with. É um livro único, porque nos proporciona mais do que apenas os personagens principais de uma história, mas também tudo o que você precisa para criar um jogo inteiro definido para cada conto de fadas.

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Interview with Marianne Dekkers-Roos, author of Colorful Crochet

colorful crochet book

I first fell in love with the beautiful colorful crochet work of Marianne Dekkers-Roos on Instagram and was then thrilled when the Netherlands-based crafter contributed to the Mandalas for Marinke project. I was so happy for her (and the world of crochet) when I learned that she was releasing her first book, Crochê colorido, Este ano. I’m excited to bring this book to you today along with an interview where Marianne shares more.

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Woodland Wildlife in Filet Crochet (resenha do livro)

woodland wildlife in filet crochet

I am a little in love with the crochet book Woodland Wildlife in Filet Crochet by Lisa Meadows. This booklet shows you how to make filet crochet pillows using graphs featuring woodland creatures. The designs are worked in black, putting a really contemporary twist on the classic lace of the filet technique. Some of the designs remind me a little of crochet taxidermy, and I can see these pillows looking cute everywhere from a den to a nursery.

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