Kari’s Crochet MandalasForMarinke and Depression In Generations of Family

kari crochet mandalas for marinke 3

These two precious crochet mandalas come to us from Kari Green of Jester Creations. Kari is a Scottish 40-something single mother of two teenage boys. She loves knitting, crochê, drawing and reading and says she, “can’t not have a creation in the making in my hands when I’m not working. And I know all too well how mental health issues can impact on every aspect of life.

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MandalasForMarinke de crochê anônimo + Rubberband Theory

Anonymous Crochet MandalasForMarinke

These two beautiful crochet mandalas (one spoke mandala and one standard 12-round mandala, each using Wink’s patterns) were contributed anonymously to the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project. This post also discusses coping mechanisms through the lens ofrubber band theory”.

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Renee’s Crochet Mandala And Story of Healing with Crochet

renee crochet star

Renee shares, “Crochet has gotten me through some rough times in my life; most significantly, my struggle with post-partum depression. My PPD manifested in the forms of anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, and the act of crocheting gave me an outlet for all the negative energy.

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MadWhimsy’s Crochet Mandalas For Marinke and Healing Story

madwhimsy crochet mandalasformarinke

Madelyn shares, “the most difficult illness I deal with is depression, not because I have it every day like I do the other problems, but because it lies to me, it skews my perception, it’s mean to me, it makes me feel worthless, it makes me not care. And it doesn’t just affect the mind, my whole body can be affected by depression, my physical pain is made worse.

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Debbie’s Crochet Mandala + Crochê para a depressão

Debbie's Crochet MandalasForMarinke

Here is a beautiful spring colored crochet mandala from Debbie, which she made using Wink’s Summer Hearts pattern. She had always loved the pattern and had it in her Ravelry queue and “para fazer” list so the project encouraged her to make this one.

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