Tutorial para a peça central da tabela de casamento fácil Crochet

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Last week I mentioned that I had the opportunity to do some crafting utilizing products from the David Tutera Bridal coleção. Hoje eu tenho um tutorial muito simples para você para tomar um desses produtos de out-of-the-box e personalizando-o com um pouco de crochê para criar uma peça central da tabela de casamento para seu casamento DIY crochê.

David Tutera Bridal LED Branch

david tutera bridal light

The product that I used in this tutorial is the battery-operated LED Branch. It is used as a centerpiece for tables at events like weddings and can be easily personalized with crochet. Aqui está como:

Primeiro passo: Choose a Vase

That part’s easyyou’re going to be placing the branch into a vase as a table centerpiece so choose your vase. I tried a few different ones that I had here and ended up with a tall fairly thin one.

Passo dois: Hiding the Batteries with Yarn

david tutera bridal light

This bridal branch lights up using a battery pack as you can see in the photo above. You’ll want to hide the battery pack inside the vase so it isn’t visible in the display. What better way to do this for a crochet centerpiece than to do it with yarn?

yarn display

I used a bulky blue and purple yarn and filled the vase up about two thirds of the way to cover that battery pack and create the base of the centerpiece.

Passo três: Add Crochet Motifs to Branches

crochet motifs

Now all that you need to do is take a set of crochet motifs and add them to the branches. In sticking with my purple and blue theme, I chose a set of blue and white motifs that I had lying around.

crochet lights

Some tips:

  • Smaller motifs are better; somewhere between 1 e 2.5 inches in diameter is good for this size centerpiece
  • I chose to just put one motif on each branch and actually to leave some branches empty of motifs; that’s because I like the minimal look but of course you should play with what you prefer!
  • Any crochet motif pattern (ou forma livre) will work but I think flowers and frilly circles are ideal for many DIY wedding centerpieces like this one

wedding crochet lights

You can see in this close-up that the openwork design of the motifs I chose allowed me to just slip the crochet piece over the branch. Super simples! If you used a closed design, you’ll have to tie the motifs onto the branches instead of slipping them over. Here’s what that looks like:

flower crochet motif

Make It Your Own: Algumas idéias adicionais

The thing that makes a great DIY wedding perfect is the fact that the bride uses her own creative ideas to make the wedding decorations. Here are some other ways that crochet could be used with this centerpiece idea:

Use a hyperbolic crochet piece instead of yarn to hide the battery pack in the display:

hyperbolic crochet

hyperbolic crochet

crochet lights

Fill the vase with gems (like the David Tutera Faceted Diamond Charms I used) and then add a crochet cozy around the base of the vase:

wedding crafts

crochet on vase

Add a doily or other decorative motif inside of the vase for a better pop of color:

crochet on lights

The David Tutera Bridal Collection

david tutera bridal

There are many different products in this crafty wedding collection. There are other wedding lights, blowing bubbles, garlands of bling, ake rhinestones, bridal hairpieces, table settings and several other things. I have some other ideas for tutorials incorporating crochet with these items but I’d love to hear your ideas, também, in the comments below! How would you add crochet to existing craft products to personalize your wedding display?

To connect with David Tutera and Darice for more great wedding ideas follow them on these social media channels:

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  1. This is a great tutorial. Nice effect

  2. This is a really creative idea!

  3. Melissa Serendipity

    Uma idéia tão bonita! I love the crochet flowersit’s been so much fun checking out what everyone has made. I’m sharing this on Pinterest!

  4. I love this beautiful DIY wedding table centerpiece. The steps to put it together seems to be very simple and I would love to try and incorporate flowers as well.

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