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De todos os posts sobre crochê, li esta semana, Estas foram as que eu pensei que você não deve perder!

Antes nós cavamos, Embora, apenas um lembrete sobre o negócio que eu estou executando esta semana onde você pode obter publicidade gratuita na barra lateral do Crochet concupiscência em troca de uma contribuição para meu gancho para Heal crochê projeto de arrecadação de fundos. Gastar apenas $10 and get a digital copy of the book when it’s ready PLUS $50 worth of advertising on this site.

Algo especial

O Novo crochê tunisiano This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love! book by Dora Ohrenstein is now for sale. Dora explains in her article that this bookdetails many techniques, from the most basic to very advanced, including lacy and textured stitches, entrelac, intarsia, cabling, and short rows. The stitch dictionary features thirty individual stitch patterns, each with complete instructions and diagrams.In addition to Dora’s designs, the book includes Tunisian crochet patterns from Vashti Braha, Doris Chan, Lily Chin, Lisa Daehlin, Andrea Gracierena, Margaret Hubert, and Charles Voth.

Nota: Doris Chan and Lily Chin were both recently featured in my post on top crochet shawl designers and Charles Voth was included in my roundup of 20 top male crochet designers.

Posts inteligentes Crochet

  • Discover Your Inner Child. Loved this @crochetme post that’s about using crafting to regain the wonder of childhood, something that I’m exploring right now in the research for my Gancho para Heal projeto, which is all about stuff like this!
  • Vintage Styles for Today. @lionbrandyarn did a post I liked showing four knit/crochet patterns of theirs from 1912 and offering a side-by-side comparison of similar patterns of theirs from today. Goes along well with the vintage crochet series stuff I’ve been doing lately!
  • On the News Stand. JD over @CraftGossip recently stopped in a Barnes and Noble and checked out a few magazines like Inside Crochet and the new Simply Crochet. She shares some thoughts.
  • Sugar Coded Apps Releases New Crochet Decoder App. I wrote about this crochet app previously but now they’ve released some updates.
  • Vintage Needlework Mags. Pop over to @anastaciaknits to see a visual post of the covers of some great old needlework mags; the crochet outfit on the top image is my favorite!

Faz de crochê lindo

colorful crochet blanket 400x300 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

Lucy of Attic 24 says about this colorful crochet doll blanket: “This has been the sweetest projeto, so much so that I am almost sad to see it finished. Everything about it was a complete pleasure. Na verdade, that should read Pleasure with a capital P. The scale of it (dinky), the colours (delicious), the yarn (delightful) and the end result (darling) have all combined to make it a most wonderful hooky experience. Plus, there was the extra dimension of knowing that all my time and effort was being put into something very worthwhile indeed. A creative endeavour for a really Good Cause :: to raise money and help those in need.” Lucy also made a mini crochet ripple blanket that you can check out this week.

large granny square blankets 400x266 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

I love large granny square blankets like this Billow Blanket just completed by @knitpicks

crochet ruffle shawl 400x583 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

@creativejmom shared her version of this easy crochet ruffled scarf, crochet pattern from Red Heart

Como Crochet

Padrões de crochet

crochet shawl pattern2 400x565 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

This is the padrão de crochet Free (on Crochetvolution) for the pineapples shawl that is actually part of the newest CAL from Underground Crafter. Need a project? Join in!

crochet heart granny square free pattern 400x400 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

@molliemakes shared the padrão de crochet Free for this heart granny square by @Emma_crochets

crochet toadstool pattern 400x266 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

Greedy for Colour shares a free crochet pattern to make a crochet toadstool. Love the magical colors she choose for hers!

crochet cookie monster This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

Sesame Street Amigurumi Patterns, spotted via The Courageous Creative

crochet today cardigan pattern 400x512 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

I am excited about several of the crochet patterns that will be in the May/ June 2013 issue of @crochettoday, like this Pixy Pullover.

crochet tote bag This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

@crochetme shared links to some great free crochet bag patterns

crochet baby rattle 400x400 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

I’m loving this crochet bird rattle pattern for sale from Mamachee, who happens to be my newest sponsor. Check her out!

crochet hats patterns 400x513 This Weeks Best Crochet Link Love!

@vickiehoweel has published her next crochet pattern book, a book of crochet hat patterns, available in @joann_stores

Crochet Quote of the Week

This week’s crochet quote comes from the Talking Crochet newsletter, which lands in my inbox regularly.

While enduring the cold snap of winter, many crocheters start nesting in their homes more than usual and find the warmth of the fireplace as well as the warmth of their crochet to be comforting on those long and cold gray days.


I’m a little bit late sharing the news on this one as REAL LIFE has been slowing down blog life for me lately. I wanted to make sure to give the shout out though to recognize the efforts of the crocheters and knitters who helped the Stitch Red campaign meet the goal of getting featured on The Today Show. I’d mentioned in a link love post last month that they were trying to do this and seeking help. You guys all sent your support and the effort succeeded. Here’s the news clip from the Today show:

O Stitch Red folks said explained in the press release thatThey held up a couple of red knitted items that were generously donated by supporters (thank you again to all of you who made something/sent something red!). They said the pieces were “beautiful” and that it was “so cool” and thanked us for making the items.They also made sure to add: “For those of you who made items that didn’t make it on air, please know that without your support we wouldn’t have been able to get on the segment. It was the huge splash of ALL the Stitch Red items that were made/sent in and subsequently shared with the anchors that caught the eye of the producers and convinced them they should give Stitch Red a mention.So if you sent something in and don’t see it here, that’s okay; it was useful in spreading the word about heart health through crafting!

One More Crochet Video!

This is the latest video about the Trochet Project via @fruitfulfusion. Saiba mais sobre trochet here.

Notícias do fio

  • @lionbrandyarn Donated $1,000,000 in Proceeds from Vanna White Yarn Line As Gift to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  • @heysweetgeorgia shared a recap of the TNNA experience

Outras coisas astuta

  • There’s a new competition show in the works and it’s for knitters! Chama-se The Fiber Factor. It may be for knitting but I think it will be fun to watch even as someone who crochets and doesn’t knit.
  • TKGA Frand Retreat. If you’re a crocheter who does also knit then you may want to know that it’s time to sign up for the May retreat of The Knitting Guild Association. It’s an intimate weekend of knitting workshops in Michigan via @TKGAGuild.
  • Yarnia Yarn of the Year Contest. Happen to be in Portland? You can try your hand at making a knit or crochet swatch in a @yarniaPDX yarn blend and enter to win. (Gotta be an Oregon local for this one but it’s fun to look at it all play out online too!)
  • @sexonastitch had her pastéis de crochê for sale again at this year’s annual Toronto Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair.
  • How to Sew a Crochet Collar onto a Shirt (Anthropologie style). Tutorial from @sewcandoblog, spotted via @craftgossip.

Alguns agradecimentos especiais

I also want to make sure to thank all of the amazing people who are supporting Hook to Heal with their contributions. You’re wonderful! The project is now more than 75% funded and there are two weeks left to go. Keep on spreading the word!

Feliz fim de semana e boa leitura! Se isso não for suficiente criativa lendo para você, então você também pode querer verificar para fora o “Artes e smarts” ajuntamento de amor de ligação que fiz no meu blog pessoal, Diário de uma garota inteligente.

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Inscrever-se meu boletim onde partilho crochê notícias e atualizações de todos os 1-2 meses.


@CrochetBlogger I'm honoured to be in such company of creatives i admire n respect! #tunisian #crochet


Thanks for linking to my new pattern and CAL! I'm hope the real life things are all positive! :)


@crochetblogger Thanks for the shout-out!

Fruitful Fusion
Fusão frutuosa

Obrigado, as always, for supporting the project, from across the globe! We all appreciate it SO much! x


@stitchstud You and me both. We have such a terrific online and offline crochet community that we get to celebrate being part of in dft ways

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