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Have you noticed that there are now opportunities to sponsor Crochet Concupiscence by advertising in the sidebar here? One of this month’s sponsors is AnastaciaKnits. She’s a very generous sponsor who is offering a free pattern giveaway here on the blog PLUS she’s giving a 25% desconto para meus assinantes do boletim de notícias em qualquer padrão de sua loja.

Antes de cavar, I wanted to remind you that people who contribute to my Hook to Heal fundraiser this week can get free sponsorship opportunities no sítio!

About Sponsor Anastacia Knits

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You’ve already heard a lot about this designer de crochet on my site because I’m a huge fan of her work (especially her xales de crochê) and her blog. Here’s the bio I previously included when she generously sponsored my Christmas Crochet Giveaway a few months ago:

100 pixels ad Crochet Pattern Giveaway and Big Pattern Discount from AnastaciaKnits

“Anastacia Zittel é um crochê blogger, um professor tricô e crochê certificado pelo Conselho Fios Craft e um independente teste padrão do desenhista. I have featured her work on this blog multiple times, including an entrevista when she participated in the 2011 Dezembro brindes aqui no blog. As a designer Anastacia works to raise money forAlzheimer’s research. Doa a Fundação de Alzheimer da América e tem um padrão de-doação, Pulseira de Ruth, que se dedica à sua avó Ruth, que morreu desta doença.

Confira o Crafty Livro Desafio that Anastacia is hosting this year for people who enjoy reading crochet fiction and non-fiction. See all her designs on Ravelry. I’m personally loving her newest free crochet pattern: The Three Triangles Shawl; the pattern is free for download but Anastacia asks that if you like this shawl pattern, you either make a shawl for charity or donate money to the Alzheimer’s Society of America. Here’s what that pattern looks like:

free crochet shawl pattern1 400x300 Crochet Pattern Giveaway and Big Pattern Discount from AnastaciaKnits

Anastacia is always up to something new and interesting, like CALS for example. The best way to keep track of that is to join her Ravelry group.

The Crochet Pattern Giveaway

Anastacia Knits is offering winner’s choice of two of her top crochet patterns free to one winner in this giveaway. The winning entry can either choose:

julia crochet shawl pattern 400x317 Crochet Pattern Giveaway and Big Pattern Discount from AnastaciaKnits

Julia Heliconian Crochet Shawl. Anastacia says about this crochet shawl pattern: “I wanted something simple that would showcase a beautiful skein of yarnsomething that was easy, looked beautiful, but was still interesting to make – e, é claro, I wanted my traditional “any weight, any gauge” style.

crochet shawl pattern1 400x250 Crochet Pattern Giveaway and Big Pattern Discount from AnastaciaKnits

Tumbling Diamonds Crochet Shawl. “This is a top down, any weight / any gauge shawl and can be made any size. The shape is a half circle.

These crochet shawl patterns cost $5 on Ravelry but you can have either one (your choice) if you’re the winner of today’s giveaway. It’s easy to enter to win

To enter this giveaway you need to do one of the following things:

  • Pin any or all of the images in this post to Pinterest. Tag me (on Pinterest here) and Anastacia (on Pinterest here) and also leave a comment on this post letting me know your Pinterest handle. Bonus entries: I will give you one extra entry for each picture on this post that you pin so pin them all to get the max entries!
  • OR share this post on Facebook. Tag me (on Facebook here) and Anastacia (no Facebook) então deixar um comentário neste post deixando-me saber a sua alça Facebook.

Once you’ve done either of those things you can get a bonus entry by sharing this post on Twitter. Tag @crochetblogger and @anastaciaknits. Leave a comment on this post telling me your Twitter handle.

This giveaway is open to all countries. It’s a quick giveaway: entries will only be accepted through Thursday, February 14th at midnight PST. O vencedor, selected randomly, will be announced on the blog this weekend.

Subscribe Now to Get the Crochet Pattern Discount

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The next issue of my monthly crochet newsletter is going to hit inboxes soon. It will include a discount code for 25% off of the patterns by this terrific designer; coupon good through 3/1/13. All you need to do to get it is sign up for free right now.

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Eu preso 5 pics from this post on Pinterest, contudo, Pinterest only wants to display the pic on 3 deles :-( I tagged @Crochet Concupiscence @Anastacia Zittel in each post and my handle is n0rthernlitegrl

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  1. [...] is a good chance for me to remind you about how Anastacia Knits supports crocheting for Alzheimer’s. She donates to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America [...]

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